Afternoon PickMeUp Smoothie


I am really not a “smoothie person”. Until I met my husband I would go as far to say that I had never had one. He on the other hand is slightly obsessed. A recent visit to my Mother-in-law’s home reminded me why he feels this way. After feeding the baby, I was starving and needing a boost. However, my recent decision to avoid caffeine and other chemicals and highly processed products had me in a pickle for a quick and fulfilling snack. Enter, my amazingly talented chef of a MIL. She starts talking about smoothies and juices (I was thinking ehhh, I would like pizza…). BUT I went with it and she whipped up what Jordan refers to as an Elvez (something to do with a smoothie, Elvis, and Whole Foods). It is basically a peanut butter, banana smoothie… and it tastes like a milkshake! That is something I can get on board with! I have tweaked the recipe a bit to maximize the natural protein ingredients and added some extra chocolate, of course. This smoothie is the perfect pick me up, filling, protein packed, and delicious! I hope you all love it!


The Recipe:

One thing about any smoothie is that you learn to tweak the ratio of thick ingredients and liquids to create your preferred consistency! I like a thinner smoothie whereas my husband likes it thicker. Play with the ratios to get the consistency you love!

I use a Ninja blender, which I adore, and I blend:

  • 3 TBSP Powder Peanut Butter (greatest invention ever)
  • 1 c Chocolate Almond Milk
  • 1.5 c Greek Vanilla Yogurt
  • One Serving Pack go Organic LivFit Super Food Blend (This is the boost!)
  • 1 Large Frozen Banana

This makes one large smoothie!

The peanut butter powder is great for smoothies because of its awesome protein content and the ease in which it blends and cleans up! I also really love the Organic LivFit Super Food Blend. I recently came across it at the supermarket and loved how easily it blends into just about anything you make, providing amazing nutrition with NO YUCKY STUFF (chemicals, artificial preservatives, etc).

Try it out and tell me what ya think!



Life with a Baby

I’m back y’all!

Recently the blog has been on hiatus as we welcomed our new addition to the world. My sweet MC was born on September 22nd and has been stealing my heart since day one (Literally, she takes it every time I look at her).

But I am so glad to be back and have so much to share over the next few weeks! We are adding a LIFE section to the blog which is super exciting! It will feature a mode podge of recipes, decor, and overall life topics! I also can’t wait to share my birth experience with you guys… it was not at ALL what I expected.

So far life with a baby has been absolute bliss. Yes, I am serious. I don’t know why but I am pretty sure God gave me the most perfect baby on Earth. She is so well tempered and such a little cuddle bug. Every moment of lost sleep, every time I have to change spit-up covered clothes, every time she cries just because she wants to be held… all of the ups and downs bring me the greatest joy. I have been so surprised by how motherhood has affected me. It has truly made me a better version of myself and I feel so overwhelmingly blessed.


my first day with sweet MC

Before we gave birth we made a last minute decision to take maternity photos. For the longest time I didn’t think I wanted any but after chatting with my photographer friend about all of the emotions involved, I knew I would regret not having them later. I had been very emotional and anxious about the pregnancy, it was unplanned and I felt ill-prepared for the first few months before working through those feelings.

After shooting some gorgeous photos of us, my photographer and dear friend was sharing some of her  baby secrets with me, she had the sweetest nine month old you’d ever seen. She gave me the greatest advice that has rang in my head repeatedly since then. She held my shoulders, knowing I was afraid, and looked into my eyes and said “It is the hardest, most beautiful, wonderful thing you will ever do”. She was exactly right. She taught me to cherish every second of life with my sweet girl, and I am so thankful for that moment.

I cannot wait for all that we have for you in the next few weeks, stay tuned!






I love a good romper. It is one of the easiest things to put on and instantly feel great, look great, and not have to worry about putting on a peep show all night! American Eagle basically blew me away this season with the amount and quality of adorable rompers in their spring/summer collection. Not to mention they are super affordable! I have put together three date night outfits around my top picks!

Romantic: I love flowy, girl, romantic styles especially in the summer. This romper is oh-so-cute and feminine in a gorgeous wine color with floral print. Keep the shoe somewhat simple and delicate, with a small equally feminine bag. Simple jewelry in coordinating tones tie together the wispy look. Finish it off with a coral cheek color for a natural blushing look and a hint of shimmer to highlight!

Sassy: I feel like island music should play everywhere this outfit goes, no? The solid black romper is simple but so fun with pom-pom trim! The fabric keeps it nice and breezy and the neckline is super flattering. I also love the solid black because it provides a base for exotic accessories like this adorable Kate Spade ring! Don’t be afraid to get wild with color and summer patterns!

Bohemian: I have to include this adorable eyelet romper. I love white cotton in the summer, it is so fresh! For this look you will want to think fringe, turquoise, all things hipster. I adore these Chinese Laundry heels, so versatile and spot on for the look. Keep makeup natural with some bronze and dewy finishes. I would also recommend some loose waves for the hair to keep it effortless!

Rompers are a great choice no matter what the style! What are you wearing on these hot summer nights?

Be bold beauties!





Summer of Pink

Summer of Pink


I am single handedly declaring this the “Summer of Pink”. Why? Because Summer is the happiest, brightest, most vivacious of all seasons, and what says that better than gorgeous hot pink hues?! Hot pink lips demand attention. They are bold, cute, and confident. My faves able are Shock Tart NouriShine Plus gloss by Mary Kay. Its nice and glossy, stays for hours, and the pigment is amazing! For a lipstick I love Pink Wink True Dimensions Lip Stick. Its a Satin finish so it stays moisturized and not sticky! The greatest base for some fun bold color- neutrals of course! A classic, light wash denim dress in a simple and casual silhouette with some gorgeous DV wedges is the perfect start. Just add some bold, gorgeous Lilly Pulitzer accessories that pull out that beautiful pink lip!

Cheers to Summer Beauties!



Denim dress

Lilly Pulitzer straw purse

Lilly pulitzer jewelry

Mary kay lipstick

Mary kay lip gloss

Summer Essentials List

Summer Essentials List

It’s finally here! The most fun season of the entire year, Summer! This is the official Marigold Press list of Summer 2016 necessities, enjoy!

  1. Cat Eye Sunnies: Bold, Adorable, Timeless. They are an absolute must have whether you wear them, in the car, by the pool, or hey, even indoors if you’re feeling sassy!
  2. Kendra Scott Earrings: So many amazing designs to choose from! I love all of the gorgeous stones and luxe feels of this line! These statement studs are TDF!
  3. Derby Hat: If you have not brunched in a hat, you are truly missing out. Try it, you won’t regret it. We adore this monogrammed derby from Marley Lilly!
  4. Outdoor China: Target never lets us down. Especially when summer rolls around and we need adorable, durable dining and entertaining pieces! Melamine plates and  gorgeous plastic wine glasses are the best for any summer soiree!
  5. Summer Bag: Woven bags are our fave for summer. Dress it up or down, to work or at the pool. We swoon over this gorgeous pick from BG!
  6. Fun Flips: Any where I go in heels I have to have a trusty pair of adorable flips in my bag! You would be shocked how often  they combine handy! Impromptu pedi anyone?
  7. Coral Blush: The PERFECT summer shade to brighten up any face! I love this duo from Mary Kay in Juicy Guava, (what a fun name?!). It comes with a cheek color AND a shimmery highlight!
  8. Gorgeous Pink Lips: The go everywhere do anything pink lipstick. Not too punchy, not too sheer, but just the right wash of sweet pink lipstick is a must have this season (and any who are we kidding).
  9. Fruit Accessories: What? Yes. I am loving all things fruit inspired. From pineapple sandals, to this super fun citrus scarf from CAbi. What a perfect way to add some pep to any ensemble!

Hope you love the list, we definitely did! Tell us what YOU can’t live without in your closet this summer!


Flip flops

ViX handbags tote

Derby hat


Mary Kay blush


Weekend Events

It’s Monday, which is a bear in itself sometimes, but especially today. It was a heavy weekend for most of us as a nation with several violent events happening both at home and around the world. Whether you know someone affected or not, I would ask that you please keep the families of the victims in your prayers, as well as the individuals who are still in hospitals fighting for their lives. Orlando was my home for about eight months over the past year and it is very dear to my heart. I won’t be talking politics on this subject here (that’s not what this blog is about). I think first and foremost now is the time for citizens to rally around those affected with prayers. I also encourage you to pray for our nation and our leaders to make wise decisions in tackling the problems our country is facing. Lastly, I ask that we not live in fear- easier said than done, I know. BUT, I truly believe that God never meant for us to be bound by anxiety and fear. Life is so precious and worrying will not add one minute to it. #PrayForOrlando

If you do struggle with fear and anxiety, I highly recommend this video. I have struggled with it greatly throughout my life and this video was a turning point for me.

Love you Beauties,






For those of you who don’t know me personally, I am 25 weeks pregnant! Heyyy! Just moving right along! But, on a serious note, being someone who adores fashion, beauty, and the likes it can be a little difficult to continue feeling “cute” while pregnant, and on a budget. So! Here are a few of my little life savers that I have discovered help me to feel great about myself while going through the many joys of a changing body!

Cute Jeans: We wear denim almost everyday. If you cannot feel adorable in your jeans then we have a problem. I have found so many cute pairs but most of them are more than I would spend on my normal size, much less a temporary size… (ENTER TARGET TO SAVE THE DAY). Of course, like usual Target intervenes and offers chic, on-trend denim at a price I can actually stomach. Hallelujah! Personally I love the distressed denim right now!

Apple Watch: Because my job requires hours of sitting, and I am no longer able to work out like I want to, I use my Apple Watch as a bit of an accountability partner. Many of the new sport watches will track steps, activity, and even tell you it’s time to get moving! I can really appreciate that to remind me I need to stay active each day.

CC Cream: This little miracle tube has saved me from being late quite a few times now. My usual foundation takes a little more time to apply so this Mary Kay CC cream with color match technology helps me make it out the door faster, without sacrificing appearance. It also has great skin benefits to help my hormonal breakouts from time to time!

Coconut Oil: God Bless my best friend. I was not into oils or anything like that until she left this out my house and said it might be good for my belly to prevent stretch marks. I shrugged it off and kept using a butter formula lotion, brand shall remain nameless… Come to find out a few weeks later the specific stretch mark lotion I was using was causing my pores to clog and creating little bumps on my stomach… EW. I quickly ditched the lotion and tried the coconut oil and have never looked back!

Hope this helps any mommy’s-to-be out there! Look good, feel good, and your days will be great! We got this!



I have no professional affiliation with Target, Apple, Amazon, or DoTerra products featured in the post.

TDF- Summer 16

TDF- Summer 16


Ahhh! It is finally that time of year again. Summer is in full swing! One of my favorite Summer style inspirations is Greece. How can you not drool over the gorgeous views, tan skin, and white cotton dresses that frolic through the streets of Santorini? Last August I was in Greece for several days and should have planned on taking an extra suitcase for all of the amazing leather gladiator sandals and white cotton attire that was begging me to bring it back to the states… next time I won’t leave them behind! But truly, there is something magical about Greece and it’s style inspiration that I just adore so this TDF is dedicated to Santorini style all summer long! P.S. They also have the most fabulous iced coffee on Earth- it’s like a milk shake. Recipe please?
1. This romper just makes me go gaga! So perfect for just about any occasion in the Summer, pair it with relaxed gold jewelry and cognac gladiators during the day, or dress it up with some deep blue stones and simple wedges for a night out… (we may have to revisit this for a day to night post).
2. This little clutch is adorable right?! I love the deep blue you see all over Greece. It is a reflection of the gorgeous water and gives me fresh Summer feels all over!
3. Ladies. I love a good tan. I swear! But I beg you, do not neglect your skin and the protection it needs from the sun. You can still have a gorgeous glow AND young fresh skin- but not with out sun protection. I love this fresh 50 SPF from Mary Kay for my sensitive skin!
4. Top off your gorgeous goddess look with a fresh mani pedi in a cute coral hue. This is one of my Summer top picks for nail color!